We are a storage solutions company that believes in security and ease of access. Storebank was set up in November 2014, to cater to the demand of storage space for both personal and business in the west side of Singapore.

Pin Code Access

Only our friendly staff members have the pin code to access our storage units, for extra security because your items matter to us too.

High Ceiling

Higher ceiling equals to more volume equals to more storage space for you.

24/7 Direct Lift Access

We have 24/7 direct lift access from level 1 to 4, so you can easily move your goods up without the hassle of climbing the stairs.

CCTV Security

CCTV Monitoring

The whole premise is covered by strategically placed security cameras so you can rest a little easier.

Personal Lock

Your items, your lock. Put your mind at ease while your items are stored here, as you are the only holder of the key.

Free Parking

Take your time to move your goods, because parking is free!

Free Use of Trolley

We provide trolleys for you, free of charge, of course, so you can move your goods with no trouble at all.

Extensive Size Range

We have an extensive size range for all of your storage needs, be it from a chair to a king-sized mattress, we have the storage unit for you.